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Unicon Foland Flat owner

Narahari Rao

We are very happy with our house. We are very much satisfied for the value for money we got. We appreciate the efforts of Mr. Murali for his personal interest in this project. The project complies to all statutory norms with CC, OC etc.,

Unicon Foland

Landlord – Mr. Ramaswamy & Brothers

We are fortunate to get such a Developer to develop our property . He is very honest and committed. He never fails on his words. We personally inspected the construction ourselves and found very satisfied with the material sourcing and implementation.

Flat owner – Unicon Foland

Mr. Manjunath

We are very happy to be the owners of our flat at foland. No complaints. It’s a wonderful living here. Very well designed with lot of ventilation and open space and with all statutory compliances.

Landlord – Unicon Kanaka Enclave

Mr. B.V.Ramanujam

We are fortunate to Have Mr. Murali Srinivasan as our builder as we found that the project was very uniquely designed with a new concept in our Basavanagudi Area. The material used the best quality and workmanship is very good.

Flat Owner – Unicon Kanaka Enclave

Mr. Krishna Kumar

I own a duplex apartment in Kanaka Enclave. We are very happy with the quality of the construction and to own such a big flat in the heart of the city was a dream cum true with the wonderful concept. Thanks to Unicon.

Flat Owner – Kanaka Enclave

Mr. Sudhindra Rao

We are very happy to own a flat in Kanaka Enclave. Our dream to have a good house in Basavanagudi was satisfied. The construction is the best. No complaints on whatsoever. It is one of the best project we came across in this area. At one look we just booked the apartment. The Services by Unicon was ultimate. The efficiency is 88% . The carpet area is huge. Thanks Unicon for a wonderful house.

Flat Owner – Unicon Foland

Mr. Gopal

Unicon Foland is a very good project with a low rise structure and lot of importance is given for light and ventilation. We are very happy for the investment for a wonderful project.

Flat Owner – Unicon Whispering Winds

Mr. Krishnamurthy

We were never into an apartment concept but after hearing and seeing Kanaka Enclave we booked in Unicon Whispering Winds project. For our surprise we found our Apartment is like a villa with a garden attached. We never felt it as an apartment. The quality is ultimate and the construction was superb. We are fortunate to own an apartment in Whispering Winds.

Flat Owner – Unicon Whispering Winds

Mr. Sri Harsha

The project Whispering Winds will never repeat I think. It’s a wonderfully designed project and construction Quality is the best. Thanks Mr. Murali for a wonderful apartment.

Land Lord- Unicon Park View

Mr. Ramesh Rao & Family

After Seeing Kanaka Enclave we came to you for our project Unicon Park view to be developed. Since our land was lesser in area compared to Kanaka Enclave otherwise it would be one more Kanaka Enclave. However with the available space you have done a wonderful project. The space utilization and the efficiency was the best utilized. Thanks for a wonderful cute little project.

Landlord – Unicon Temple View

Mrs./Mr. Shantha Ganesh & Family

Eventhogh you were not keen to take up our Temple view project as the area was small, you did a fantastic design with one apartment in each floor concept which worked very well. Thanks for a wonderful project.

Flat Owner – Whipering Winds

Mr. Sathyaprasad & Family

We never thought we would own an apartment in Whispering winds as the apartments were very big which were not suiting our budget. Fortunately you could modify to our requirement which is highly appreciable. Thanks for accommodating us at Whispering winds. We can say we are proud owners of our Apartment.

Mrs. / Mr. Srinvasan & Family.

We would say it is an awesome apartment to stay. We are lucky to be in Whispering winds. We inspected atleast 50 to 60 properties around and could not find a project like this. A small project with all statutory compliances and with high quality. Great going Unicon. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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